Kristen Dinard and Shayla Durant lead the students in stretching  exercises before their class.

Kristen Dinard and Shayla Durant lead the students in stretching exercises before their class.

The Miami Dolphins have a history of charitable and community support throughout South Florida.

One of their new programs is 305 Checkdown, a means to help small business effected by the pandemic both monetarily and with enhanced marketing.

Donna Lee Studio of Dance, a Homestead institution for over 42 years has been selected for the program. Over the last year, all small businesses have had to adapt to survive. Classes taught over Zoom, social distancing both during classes and performances and the live streaming of performances from new venues are some of the challenges that the Studio has dealt with.

Last Saturday, January 30, Briana Sanchez, the Dolphins Manager of Partnership Marketing, was at the Studio along with members of the Dolphins Cheerleaders to take promotional pictures and videos. She described the 305 Checkdown program as a $1000 grant provided by Dade County Federal Credit Union and branded marketing provided by the Dolphins thru social media, a video on the team’s website and a feature in the team’s weekly newsletter.

Vicky Gonzalez co-owner of Donna Lee said, “We are really grateful to be selected by the Dolphins. We have already used the grant to buy matching masks for all our student dancers for use in performances. The marketing will be a big help, but the highlight has been the opportunity for our girls to interact with the Dolphin Cheerleaders and their choreographer.”

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