Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) announces new transit rates for transfers and Special Transportation Services (STS), and introduces a new monthly parking pass option. Beginning September 1, transfers from bus to rail (and vice versa) will be free, circulator routes will be free, and riders will be able to purchase a monthly parking pass without a prepaid transit pass. STS rides, which were reduced in June, will remain at $2 per trip.

With the all-new Transit Monthly Parking Pass ($45), riders can purchase monthly parking without needing to purchase a monthly transit pass. This provides a valuable option for Miami-Dade Transit riders who may not be commuting daily and is more cost-effective than the daily $4.50 parking rate.

Beginning September, circulator routes, which previously cost $0.25 a trip, will be free to ride. These routes include: 82, 155, 200, 210, 211, 212, 217, 248, 254, and 286.

Transfer fees for riders transferring between Metrorail and Metrobus which was previously $0.60, will be eliminated beginning in September. Passengers can now travel throughout the system and transfer between services at no additional cost. However, the transfer fee ($0.95) for Metrobus/Metrorail to an express Metrobus route will remain in place STS trips cost $2 through September 30. Beginning October 1, the rate will once again be a cost of $3.50 per trip for paratransit riders.

Per federal mandate, face masks remain a requirement for any transit rider, both inside of a Miami-Dade Transit vehicle and at a Miami-Dade Transit facility (including at bus stops and on the platforms).

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