Airport served nearly 80,000 outbound  passengers on  record day.

Airport served nearly 80,000 outbound passengers on record day.

To help Super Bowl LIV travelers kick off their departure from Miami the day after the big game, and score touchdowns in their home cities, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department teamed up with the Transportation Security Administration, participating airlines and service providers to design a winning playbook for Monday, February 3 - projected to be a record-high day for departing passengers at the airport.

The final score: MIA served a new daily record of nearly 80,000 outbound

passengers with an average wait time of four minutes and a maximum wait time of 17 minutes at its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints. TSA PreCheck passengers saw an average wait time of one minute and maximum wait time of four minutes, according to the TSA.

Ride app providers reported that February 3 was a record-high day for ride app drop-offs at MIA as well, exceeding previous daily records during events such as Art Basel Miami Beach and the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Additionally, a total of more than 1,000 private jets arrived at MIA, Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport and Miami Executive Airport from January 29 to February 3 – twice the amount during the same period last January.

To accommodate for the passenger increase, the TSA provided extended hours of operation and an increased number of TSA PreCheck lanes; airlines provided additional flights to the airports serving the Super Bowl LIV teams, and concessions opened early for the additional flights, with some extending their operations to 24-hour service.

“I am extremely proud of our airport staff, federal partners, airlines, business

tenants and volunteers, for capping off a successful week of welcoming Super Bowl travelers with an exceptional day of customer service on February 3, at a time when we served our highest number of outbound passengers ever,” said Lester Sola, MIA Director and CEO. “Days like this demonstrate the high level of dedication and teamwork so many of our employees provide on a regular basis.”

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