Mayor Otis Wallace has served as Florida City Mayor since 1983.

Mayor Otis Wallace has served as Florida City Mayor since 1983.    

The new year is here, and Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace is looking forward to 2023.

A major goal for him is more affordable housing for the people of Florida City.

“We are building a lot of housing. I want more housing that people can afford. That is my number one goal,” he said. “We need to build more affordable housing units. When we negotiate with developers, I meet with people who want to build homes on open land and in empty lots. I want to encourage more investors to invest money in the core of the city. I want developers to build more units that working people can afford.”

Wallace has said that he is very pleased with Alphaville because they are building high quality homes that working people can afford.

Wallace is pleased that progress is being made at Florida City Place, a large Alphaville project that will create nice homes for working families in an area that had been known as less than desirable.

Positive residential and commercial development in Florida City is a major goal for Wallace.

“If you build a new house on an empty lot this upgrades the value of surrounding homes. It improves the neighborhood,” he said. “The new homes we are building are homes that are affordable, and this helps more people become successful. I want everyone to make it,” he said.

Wallace also wants to see more commercial development in Florida City.

“We need more commercial development. This will mean more businesses in the community. It will mean more jobs that will generate more wages for people to live on. We also need to improve the roads and do a better job of handling traffic,” he said.

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