Emilio Perez, 37, of Key Largo.

Emilio Perez, 37, of Key Largo. 

A 37-year-old Key Largo man was arrested Saturday night after brandishing a firearm in front of a group of teenagers who were shooting off fireworks on the 800 block of Largo Road.

Emilio Perez was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm without intent to kill.

A group of teenagers — 14, 15 and 16-years-old — were given written citations for disorderly conduct regarding the fireworks.

Multiple Deputies responded to a house on Largo Road approximately 8:45 p.m. They placed in Perez in custody. Deputies cleared the house, looking for

additional adults and found none, but there were

several children inside.

Perez told Deputies his two daughters were in the front yard when a group of male teenagers walked past his daughters shooting fireworks off in the street. One of the daughters reportedly asked them to cease shooting off fireworks and were rebuffed with profanity by the group of boys, according to Perez. Perez confronted the boys about five houses down from his house, whereupon they cursed at him, according to Perez. The boys then walked back to Perez’s home and began shooting off fireworks in the street in front of his house, according to Perez. Perez claimed they entered his yard and taunted him before Perez went inside and retrieved a Taurus 9mm handgun. Perez said he came back outside and the boys left.

Deputies met with the boys and their parents. Each gave a similar story: They were walking down the street shooting off fireworks and using foul language with one another in a joking manner. Each surmised one of the girls must have mistakenly thought they were talking to them as the boys walked past.

The boys stated they walked down to roughly the 700 block of Largo Road a man, identified as Perez, pulled up in a white minivan. The driver accused them of calling his daughter a foul name and then displayed a black handgun. Perez admitted to displaying the handgun to the boys.

Deputies found the gun in a laundry room in a shed, at the direction of Lopez’s wife. She also asked that the boys be prosecuted for shooting off fireworks at her residence.

Perez was taken to jail.

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