Homestead Councilman Elvis Maldonado is exploring a run for the District 9 Miami-Dade County Commission seat.

Homestead Councilman Elvis Maldonado is exploring a run for the District 9 Miami-Dade County Commission seat. 

Homestead City Councilmember Elvis Maldonado formed a campaign committee on October 3 to seek the District 9 County Commission seat held by Dennis Moss since 1993.

“I have not yet resigned the Council seat,” said Maldonado. “I’m working on the date that has to be done under Resign to Run.”

Maldonado was first elected to Council in 2009 and re-elected in both 2013 and 2017.

“Staff said I must serve 50% of my term so there would be no cost for a special election,” he said. “The right date allows an appointment to this seat where people send in resumes for Council’s consideration.”

“Another legal requirement is you must live in the County for three years – I’ve been here since I was five years old,” said Maldonado. “To qualify for the District, you must live there for six months prior to election.”

Representing City Council seat 5 (Waterstone), Maldonado must move his residence to reside in District 9.

“I’m looking at Keys Gate,” he said. “Once moved, I must resign the seat anyway. I’ve long served both Districts.” The City of Homestead shares representation between County Commission Districts 8 and 9.

“District 9 is the largest in geographical area of any Commission District, stretching from Richmond Heights to most of southwest Miami-Dade and parts of Homestead,” said Maldonado.

“Traffic is key. It’s the major issue, as it is with every District and throughout the U.S.,” said Maldonado. “The problem is we’re growing at such a fast rate. We’ve struggled with the issue of a train versus the BRT and the future of public transportation.”

Maldonado serves as chair of the Florida League of Cities legislative policy committee on Transportation and Intergovernmental Relations.

“Another outcome of growth is the issue of workforce housing - affordable housing,” said Maldonado. “The larger issue is the inability to grow our inventory fast enough and get the infrastructure in place. Limited housing drives up the cost of rentals and the price of houses. So you focus on what’s smart growth.”

“In south Miami-Dade, there are money factors in play, the first and foremost is being part of an economy where growth happens,” he said. “The County is about trade and tourism. Companies want to be part of that larger economy, focused on the seaport and the airport.”

Maldonado began a local computer technology company in 2007. As a small business owner, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Miami-Dade County’s Beacon Council where he worked on economic development issues.

“What companies need to realize is that this is a good place to start a

business,” said Maldonado. “There’s a lot of space here. If you have industrial jobs locally, you don’t need to drive north for work.”

“There are other candidates interested in District 9,” said Maldonado. “I’d be the only local elected official in that race. Rep. McGhee is more about Tallahassee, not the local issues.”

State Representative Kionne McGhee has announced his candidacy as has Community Council member Johnny Farias. Business lawyer Marlon Hill and Pastor Mark Coats of Goulds are also interested in the seat.

Maldonado served on Homestead’s City Charter Review Board as well as a former chairman of the Community Development District for the City’s east side. He also serves as an outreach counselor at Homestead Middle School, ASPIRA South Charter School, and at Homestead Senior High School.

The Elvis Maldonado campaign website is to be posted online soon.

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