Steve Losner has won election to serve as  Homestead’s next mayor.

Steve Losner has won election to serve as

Homestead’s next mayor.

Roth & Fletcher Take Council Seats

Steve Losner was elected to a two year term as Homestead Mayor on Tuesday November 4 with 55% of the vote.

With all 22 City precincts reporting, including absentee ballots and early voting, Losner had 1841 votes defeating former Mayor Jeff Porter who

received 1480 votes.

“Today, Homestead voters sent a clear message that they’re ready to see progress made for our city,” said Losner on election night. “I’m grateful for the support and trust of my community.”

“I intend to lead with the promise I made when I entered the race – with integrity and a commitment to solutions,” Losner added.

Porter was reflective about the race. “This was the first campaign where social media played a heavy role. Everyone used it. It’s clearly the wave of the future but there are no checks and balances to have some basis in the facts.”

“I served a long time and left a positive track record,” Porter said. “What we accomplished changed the face of Homestead for the better and I’m proud of that.”

Larry Roth was re-elected to Council seat #3 for the Villages. Roth’s vote margin of 1800 outpaced challenger Bobby Rea’s 1484 total.

“We did it!” Roth said Tuesday night. “It was a tough campaign. I spent hundreds of hours knocking on doors and listening to people in their homes, and they were extremely positive.”

“My first priority is dealing with traffic,” said Roth. “Then improving and expanding our parks. Maybe put in a mountain bike trail. Most of all I want to continue the revitalization of Homestead.”

For Council seat #2, former Councilmember Sean Fletcher returns to Council with 1882 votes to Dennis Maytan’s 1379. Fletcher’s 57.7% of the vote led the ballot for all races.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me in this endeavor, said Fletcher. “My first priority is to look at getting more police on the streets. I’ll need a few weeks to study the finances to get a base knowledge of where we can move forward.”

“There’s some healing to do after this election,” he added. “But we’re good people in Homestead and

I know we can come


Maytan who retired from City employment to run for the seat said, “I

always wanted to do this when I served at the city. I know Sean will do a good job on Council. I walked over 2700 homes to get to know the

residents but it’s time to enjoy my retirement with my family.”

A total of 3360 ballots were cast from all sources in the election for a turnout of 10.36% of Homestead’s 32,420

registered voters.

Incumbent Councilmember Patricia Fairclough was unopposed as representative of the Oasis neighborhood. She was declared elected without appearing on the general election ballot.

In addition, she was the only candidate who filed for Vice Mayor and will also assume that title.

The successful candidates for Mayor and Council will be sworn in prior to the scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday November 12 at 5 pm in Council chambers at City Hall.

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congrats. i would like the revitalization of homestead to reflect the tropical islands of the caribbean. buildings should be painted in different light pastel colors - blue, green, pink, yellow, etc. most the buildings in homestead now are so drab painted all the same color. please, mr. mayor, make homestead the new bahamas or jamaica and bring their culture here. the tourists will love it.

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