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Homestead Council Seat Districts map

Homestead elects a Mayor, at least three Councilmembers and a Vice Mayor in 2019.

The primary election is set for October 1, 2019 with voter registration closing August 12. The general election date is November 5 with voter registration for that election closing on October 7.

Interim Mayor Stephen Shelley has not yet decided if he will return to the final two years of his Council term or run for election as mayor. If he chooses to enter the mayor’s race, Shelley’s underlying Council seat #1 must elect someone to fill the final two years of that term.

Current Homestead Councilmember Larry Roth is raising money for his re-election race to Council seat #3 from the Villages of Homestead. This means he’s picked a campaign treasurer for this specific race and opened a campaign account to raise funds.

Current Councilmember Patricia Fairclough represents Council seat #6 for the Oasis neighborhood. She is eligible for a last four year term on Council. She picked up the paperwork on March 29 from the City Clerk to qualify for office but has not declared her intentions.

Council seat #2 for the Keys Gate area is represented by Councilmember Jon Burgess who is term-

limited and cannot seek re-election to that seat.

As reported last week, former Mayor Jeff Porter announced his intention seek a fourth mayoral term in this election.

As of June 11, twelve citizens paid $35 to pick up a qualifying candidate packet. The qualifying period begins August 26 and ends August 30, by which time Mayor Shelley must have made his decision.

Of those pulling a packet, people signed as candidates for the following offices:

For Council seat #2, Paul B. Wiggins Jr., Sean Lee Fletcher, and Evelyn M. Martin.

For Council seat #3, Larry Roth and William Rea.

For Council seat #6, Yadel Guia.

For Mayor or Council seat #1, Steven Losner and James Wyatt.

For Mayor, Jeff Porter, Stephen Shiver, and Darlene Polo-Kramer.

It is possible to pay for a packet and not file for any office. It’s also

possible to wait until the qualifying period to declare but that limits the ability to raise and spend money for a race.

Council candidates who qualify in the October 1 primary have two days instead of six to declare that they are NOT running for Vice Mayor. This recent change was adopted at the request of Miami-Dade County Election Department to avoid delay or additional expense in drawing up the November general election ballot.

For more information on qualifying for election, contact Homestead’s Chief Clerk’s office at 305-224-4442 or visit the office on the City


Florida City holds its biannual election on Tuesday January 28, 2020. Two of the City’s four City Commissioner positions are up for election for four year terms. Current Commissioners in those seats are Sharon Butler and Avis Brown.

The qualifying period for Florida City Commissioner races begins on December 4, 2019 and ends at noon on December 13th.

To vote in Florida City’s January election, a citizen must be registered to vote there by Monday December 30, 2109.

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