Rhonda Rebman-Lopez

Rhonda Rebman-Lopez

Rhonda Rebman will represent South Dade and Monroe County in getting state help to small and minority-owned businesses.

Rhonda Rebman-Lopez has been appointed to a two-year term on the Florida Advisory Council on Small and Minority Business Development.

Rebman-Lopez, from Ocean Reef and president of Peco International Electric in Doral will be working with a coalition of South Florida business leaders to help boost small business dynamism in the public sector.

The Florida Advisory Council on Small and Minority Business Development (Council) provides insight and expertise to the state regarding small and minority business development. Council members research the role the small and minority businesses in the state's economy and provide recommendations on how to improve engagement of and support for Florida's small and minority business community.

Membership of the Council includes practitioners, laypersons, financiers and others with business development experience who can provide insight and expertise for this state in the diversification of its markets and networking of business opportunities. Responsibilities of the Council include:

• Research and review the roles of small and minority businesses in the state's economy.

• Review the issues and emerging topics relating to small and minority business economic development.

• Study and understand financial markets' and institutions' abilities to meet small business-credit needs and determining the impact of government demands on credit for small businesses.

• Assesses the efforts by any state agency or by all state agencies collectively, to assist minority business enterprises.

• Advising the Governor, the Secretary of DMS and the Legislature on matters relating to small and minority business development that are important to the international strategic planning and activities of this state.

The Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) is proud to advocate for Florida’s woman-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses through activities, outreach and educational programs. These efforts help OSD foster positive working relationships between state, local and regional government entities, state universities and business owners, ensuring these critical stakeholders understand the others' needs and business processes.

The OSD also works directly with eligible small business owners on documentation review, application and process support for the state

Minority/Woman Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) certification and the state Vet.

“I look forward to listening to small and minority business owners in the state, especially South Florida, to communicate to the state challenges and possible remedies for our small and minority business concerns to help them flourish in any way possible.

If you are a small businessperson who would needs more information or assistance, contact Rebman Lopez at Rhonda@pecointlelec.com. She can also be reached at 305-850-9316.

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