King Tide flooding in the Keys

King Tide street flooding in the Keys.

Monroe County continues to experience seasonal high king tides. Seasonal king tides are especially high tides that occur several times a year, usually in the fall, that can cause coastal tidal flooding.

Monroe County is monitoring unincorporated areas experiencing these high tides.

The Monroe County Sustainability Department is asking residents to

provide photos of your property or neighborhood experiencing tidal flooding. Email photos to with the address, date, and time the photos were taken. This will assist in future planning.

The highest king tides are expected to occur:

- Sept. 25-Oct. 2

- Oct. 26-31

- Nov. 25-28

King Tide Reminders:

• Water in the street picks up pollutants from the surrounding environment. It is also salt water. If you come in contact with tidal water, be sure to rinse off using soap and water. Do not allow children to play in or near the water and encourage them to wash their hands regularly.

• Adjust your driving schedule accordingly and do not drive through flooded areas - turn around and find another way if possible. It can be unsafe and cause short and long-term damage to your vehicle. If you drive through tidal floods, wash the undercarriage of your car to remove any salt water accumulation. You can go through a car wash equipped with an undercarriage sprayer.

• Avoid parking your vehicle in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding in order to prevent salt water damage to your vehicle.

• Flooding can result in hazards below the surface that you cannot see. This can cause injury e.g. nails, broken glass, debris and displaced manhole covers.

• If you are a boater, be aware that these high tides cause lower clearances under fixed bridges. Check the tides before leaving the dock.

To find tides in your area, visit

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