Young people who want to gain work experience in Homestead may have some good opportunities this summer.

The City of Homestead will participate in a CareerSource Florida program. Young people age 15 to 18 will earn $13.80 an hour for 140 hours of work, of which 20 hours will be for job training. They will receive various summer job opportunities in 38 categories.

CareerSource will provide $50,000 and Homestead will match this with $50,000.

The program will run from June 10 through August 11.

To participate, young people must live in Homestead.

An important benefit of the program will be to provide solid work experience to young people, according to Zackery Good, assistant city manager.

The City of Homestead has completed the installation of trees on Southwest Fourth Street also known as Redland Road from Southwest Second

Avenue to Southwest 187th Avenue.

Miami-Dade County awarded Homestead a $44,218 grant to be used to complete this program. Homestead matched the grant by providing $44,218 in in-kind services.

The trees planted include Live Oak and Dwarf white trumpet. These trees will offer more shade and improve the appearance of Homestead, according to Good.

Also, the City is continuing to offer ‘Artists in the Spotlight.’

During the April meeting, a group of artists were honored by the Homestead Council. The theme of the Spotlight is mental health. Their work is being displayed at the Seminole Theater.

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