Homestead’s primary election on Tuesday October 1 included four possible candidates for Mayor and three candidates for each of two available Council seats.

Incumbent Councilmember Patricia Fairclough was considered elected when no other candidate filed to run against her for Council seat #6 (Oasis).

With all 22 precincts reporting, Homestead’s voter turnout was 2977 of 32,170 total registered voters or 9.25% of the total.

No candidate had more than 50% of cast votes in any of the races. Therefore there will be a run-off election on Tuesday November 5 for the office of Mayor and for both Council seats.

In the race for Mayor, Jeff Porter received the most votes at 1001 but only 34% of total ballots cast. He will face Steven Losner in the general election for the position. Losner received 899 votes or 30.5% of total votes.

Mayoral candidate Steve Shiver was in third place with 569 votes or 19% while candidate Bradley Compton tallied 481 votes or 16%.

“It was close but we’re still in it,” Porter said. “The numbers reflect a divided town, so there are thirty days to see where the voters want to go. There’s quite a contrast in ideas but it’s a head to head choice. With run offs in every seat, there’s a percentage of people unhappy with things so the City must adjust to address their concerns.”

“The voters of Homestead reaffirmed their desire to have stability and vision in their next Mayor,” Losner said. “The days of rampant overdevelopment and special deals are over as Homestead voters clearly sent a message that it’s time for a new day for our community. I look forward to earning the vote and trust of voters in the run off.”

I n the race for Council seat #2 (Keys Gate), Sean Fletcher led with 1263 votes. With just 44.2% of the vote, he must run against Dennis Maytan in November who had 957 votes (33.5% of the total). Candidate Paul Wiggins came in third with 635 votes or 22%.

Council seat #3 (Villages) also has a November run-off election. Incumbent Councilmember Larry Roth had the most votes at 1245 but just 43% of the total cast. William “Bobby” Rea tallied 1003 votes for 34.6% to achieve a spot on the run-off ballot. Candidate Kim Hill Sloan got 645 votes at 22.3% of the total.

Homestead voters cast 1318 absentee ballots. (That total may include a few early voting ballots.) Absentee voter tallies were added in the above-reported totals.

Jeff Porter led in absentees with 502 votes compared to Steve Losner’s 395, Steve Shiver’s 212, and Bradley Compton’s 194.

In the race for Council seat #2 (Keys Gate), Dennis Maytan led with 525 absentee votes while Sean Fletcher had 486 and Paul Wiggins got 250.

Incumbent Councilmember Larry Roth led absentee voting for Council seat #3 (Villages) with 633 votes. William “Bobby” Rea had 344 and Kim Sloan Hill had 305.

Councilmembers are elected to represent their assigned districts such as Keys Gate or the Villages but all City voters can vote in all Council races.

The general election ballot in November also will include the race for Vice Mayor.

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