Shayon Leander Bryant, 45, of Homestead, faces  multiple charges.

Shayon Leander Bryant, 45, of Homestead, faces multiple charges.

A 45-year-old Homestead man was arrested Monday afternoon after running from a Deputy who attempted to serve him with an arrest warrant for cocaine sales.

Shayon Leander Bryant was charged with resisting arrest and five cocaine-related charges, including possession (15.8 total grams of crack cocaine) with intent to sell. He was also charged with possession of .5 grams of methamphetamine and possession of 2.9 grams of marijuana.

Sgt. Christian Kellenberger spotted Bryant on 41 Street at 4:39 p.m. Monday.

Sgt. Kellenberger knew Bryant had three warrants for cocaine sales. Bryant is also currently under probation supervision for similar charges in Homestead. 

Sgt. Kellenberger approached Bryant and informed him of the warrants. Bryant appeared to cooperate at first, but then took flight. Sgt. Kellenberger attempted to grab Bryant and then attempted to shock him with a Taser®, but one of the prongs did not strike Bryant. Bryant dropped several items during the pursuit, the locations of which Sgt. Kellenberger made mental notes. The chase went through several properties and though Jesse Hobbs Park, before Bryant stopped on the 200 block of 41 Street.

Responding Deputies William Daniels and Ian Douthirt took Bryant to a patrol car while Sgt. Kellenberger retraced the path of the foot chase to locate the items Bryant threw on the ground.

Sgt. Kellenberger found the following:

• A sandwich bag containing 13.1 grams of cocaine

• A small white container containing 2.7 grams of cocaine

• The methamphetamine was found in a cigarette pack in Bryant’s


• 2.9 grams of marijuana

Bryant was taken to jail.

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