Jose Carlos Blanquicett, 20, of Homestead

Jose Carlos Blanquicett, 20, of Homestead   

A 20-year-old Homestead, Florida man arrested Thursday in the Upper Keys for stealing a Honda was back in jail Saturday for stealing a car in Key West.

Jose Carlos Blanquicett now faces two charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle in addition to larceny, burglary and fleeing and eluding. He also faces some marijuana charges from the first arrest on Thursday.

Blanquicett was released from jail at 5:25 p.m. Friday on non-monetary pretrial release regarding the Thursday arrest, meaning he did not have to post bail in the first arrest, but the judge ordered him to follow other conditions pending trial. Such as not being arrested again.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified at 1 a.m. Saturday by the Key West Police Department of a stolen black Infiniti two-door. Deputy Anthony Buscemi spotted the car at Mile Marker 27 and attempted to perform a traffic stop, but the Infiniti did not stop.

Deputy Buscemi reported the car was going over the double yellow lines and speeding 80 mph in a 45 mph zone. The Infiniti pulled over and parked on Pirates Road on Little Torch Key. Deputy Buscemi noted the car was still hot and the car keys were located.

Blanquicett was also located nearby. He was the only person in the area. The businesses were closed.

Key West Police confirmed the Infiniti was the stolen car. Blanquicett was taken back to jail where he remained Sunday with $320,000 bail.

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