Amado Enrique Gaure, 20, of Homestead.

A 20-year-old Homestead man arrested Monday night in Key Largo for exposing himself has been hit with additional charges for stealing thousands of dollars from a hotel on Feb. 14.

Amado Enrique Gaure now faces charges of burglary, possession of burglary tools and grand theft of at least $4,000 in addition to the indecent exposure charge he was arrested for on Monday.

Gaure was arrested on Monday after the Sheriff’s Office was called to the area of Mile Marker 102 at 11:15 p.m. after receiving an indecent exposure complaint. A woman reported that a man exposed himself to her and that he appeared to be masturbating while he was walking down the bike path. The caller stated the suspect appeared to be en route to a nearby adult bookstore. Gaure admitted to the behavior and was arrested.

A small amount of a marijuana was found on Gaure as well as $800 in cash and currency bands used to band together large amounts of cash.

Deputies went to a boat rental business where Gaure said he worked and were met by a property manager who stated Gaure occasionally works for him and sleeps on a boat kept at the property. The manager stated he found a camouflage backpack that did not belong to him that he wanted to give to deputies. The backpack contained a fishing license bearing Gaure’s name, used currency bands, $93 in cash and two cell phones.

Detective Ian Barnett was made aware of Gaure’s arrest and noted that Gaure was wearing similar clothes at the time of his arrest as that of a suspect seen in Key Largo Marriott Bay Marriott Beach Resort security camera footage taken on Feb. 14. Hotel staff showed Detective Barnett multiple camera angles of a suspect who opened an unlocked storage room door on the backside of the property on that date. The suspect removed a cash drop box/safe. Hotel staff located the drop box in a wooded area near the hotel thereafter along with a blue screwdriver. There was $115.35 in cash and currency bands in the box, but the drop box reportedly had more than $7,100 in it when it was stolen.

Detective Sgt. Scott Ward and Sgt. Ian Barnett went to the jail on Plantation Key where they spoke to Gaure. Gaure admitted to stealing the drop box/safe at the hotel, opening it in the nearby woods, stealing its contents as well as exposing himself to a hotel clerk while on hotel property. The hotel clerk declined to press charges regarding that incident exposure incident.

When asked what Gaure spent the money on, he stated he and a friend spent a majority of the money on BB/pellet guns, ammo for the same and air cartridges to fire said weapons.

Gaure remains in jail.

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