An example of the new signs stands at Campbell Drive and English Ave.

An example of the new signs stands at Campbell Drive and English Ave. 

Homestead City Council met at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday May 10 to approve two agenda items.

City staff proposed a pilot signage program for six directional signs, three wayfinding maps, and nineteen street signs in the immediate downtown area.

There was one responsive bidder, from Doral Digital Reprographics that bid the job at $92,311.

City Councilmember Larry Roth asked why local vendors were not responsive.

Staff said 106 vendors were solicited and a local preference was built-in to the process to give the bid to local businesses with prices within fifteen percent of the favorite bidder. The City Manager said the scope of the project might be too large for local companies but potential local bidders also were phoned about the program.

The signage is on aluminum alloy frames mounted with the downtown logo “DH” with information covered in a vinyl sticker that would be durable under the south Florida sun.

The County currently pays for street signage.

If Homestead replaces signs at its own cost, there is an issue of liability for that it assumes for the signs.

Mayor Losner spoke in favor of the signage, “more expensive than anticipated, but creating a sense of place that is unique and different.”

Councilmember Julio Guzman asked if the entire city could have similar signs.

Staff said this was a limited program to create familiarity. They said the CRA was offering another pilot program for business signage in the context of having a policy discussion on revamping the entire City Code on signage.

An iconic downtown Homestead sign for Losner Park was presented for informational purposes but was not part of this pilot program. Council looked at the design and decided to coordinate the signage colors with that iconic Park sign.

The Mayor noted he is not OK with the DH logo chosen (for “downtown Homestead”) because it can mean other things.

“Over time perhaps another logo with a consistent style like the City seal could be used around the City,” he said.

Discussion focused on the five color options available for signs. Council unanimously approved an orange color that pops for directional signs and a blue color scheme for street signs. The three map signs would have a yellow background.

All signs are reflective at night but would not be illuminated.

Council unanimously accepted an approved state grant of $500,000 for the new Sports Complex Park band shell and restrooms. The grant requires a $1 million match that can be met with monies already approved for architectural and engineering Park planning.

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