Homestead Corrections Officer arrested on two counts

Homestead Corrections Officer arrested on two counts

Lester Brown, a Homestead Corrections Officer, was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday, August 7th, charged with one count of felony battery and one count of official misconduct.

In the December 2018 incident, CO Brown had taken custody of a

prisoner for booking.

According to a statement from Homestead Police PIO Sgt. Fernando Morales, during the intake the victim turned to look at an officer standing behind CO Brown. From internal surveilance video, CO Brown is seen pushing the handcuffed and non-combative victim head first into a wall.

The victim sustained a large laceration over the eye, causing him to bleed profusely.

Morales said CO Brown was immediately relieved of duty and Chief Rolle ordered an investigation by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

Chief Rolle released a statement saying, “The arrest of Lester Brown is very disappointing, and overshadows the work of the dedicated men and women of the Homestead Police Department, who serve and protect our community every day. Police officers have a legal responsibility to abide by all laws and Lester Brown’s arrest demonstrates how seriously our police department takes that obligation.Upon learning of the incident involving Corrections Officer Brown, he was immediately relieved of duty, and a full investigation was ordered. After reviewing pertinent evidence, our investigators contacted the Miami Dade State Attorney’s office for their review. This particular case confirms our commitment to cooperate and work along with the Miami‐Dade State Attorney’s Office in our effort to hold ourselves accountable.”

CO Brown’s attorney, C. Michael Cornerly, refuted the charges in a statement published Wednesday morning saying the arrest is a political vendetta and said the officer was justified in pushing the prisoner because the man was drunk, unruly and appeared to be about to attack.

CO Brown has been a Homestead booking officer since 2007.

According to published reports he is currently suing the city for discrimination, alleging that he has been passed over for a promotion to patrol officer.

Brown previously received an 8 month suspension, a compromise through an arbitrator after Homestead tried to fire him for a 2016 incident where he slapped a woman who was sitting down and handcuffed inside the police station.

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