Kim Sloan Hill is running for  Council Seat #3.

Kim Sloan Hill is running for Council Seat #3.

Kim Sloan Hill, born in Homestead’s Southwest neighborhood, has been a social studies teacher since 2005 at his alma mater, Homestead Senior High School.

In his words, “Some people flew here and I grew here.” He has also been involved in politics in one capacity or another after graduating from Morris Brown College in Georgia with a degree in Political Science. He spent twenty-two years in various positions in Georgia such as a youth developer in the juvenile

system as well as a political aide for Councilman Derrick Boazman in Atlanta.

In choosing to return to Homestead, he continues to be, “an agent for social change; a social advocate, not a politician.” His decision to run for Homestead City Council Seat #3 is based upon his belief of, “I’m the best qualified candidate to be able to help the community.” This is in keeping with his philosophy of, “Never ask a man to do for you what you won’t do for yourself”, and in looking at this year’s election, he wants to, “be able to provide the community with greater opportunities.”

One of his major goals is the issue of outfitting the Homestead Police Department with body cameras. Those who attend or view City Council meetings have probably heard him address the Council.

“For the past three; no four years, I’ve been down at City Hall on a consistent basis, talking about body cameras, trying to get it to be able to come up on a tab, to have a community discussion.” His advocacy for body cameras is to, “Afford our community transparency and reduce litigation; to help our police officers to have a third party within any kind of complaint. No council person would ever take that up and put it on a tab. ” [Putting a subject on a tab is the procedural term for agenda items to be discussed at each council meeting] Hill clarifies, “I was never asking to give the body cameras, I was asking for a


When asked about his top three priorities If elected, this would be first. “Of course I would be pushing for body cameras, but there needs to be public discussion with the wave of incidents that have happened over the past five years in Homestead.”

Economic revitalization of the Southwest is another priority as are

better services for youth which Hill explains. “I’m talking about free football, baseball, soccer and to combine a STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with sports. This would be to have a symbiotic relationship with these programs and use it as crime prevention methodology, where no kid has to worry about paying for sports.” Among his comments about creating this holistic approach he draws on previous experience in other locations. “I’d have to go into greater detail, but it’s possible; I’ve seen it done before.”

Voters may contact Hill by telephone (786) 234-1914 or through his Facebook page.

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