The Florida National Parks Association (FNPA) is continuing its campaign to support Everglades National Park with the new Florida Bay Forever specialty license plate.

As reported earlier the FNPA working with then State Representative Holly Raschine secured approval of the new plate that will provide ongoing funds dedicated to support the Park’s efforts on and around Florida Bay.

However, for the plate to go into production a total of at least 3000 pre-orders must be received within 2 years.

While pre-orders can be processed through tag agencies and Tax Collectors throughout the state, the FPNA has worked with the State of Florida to provide an easy alternative.

By going to the website anyone can learn more about the plate and conveniently place a pre-order.

For a total of $32.50, which includes the $25.00 specialty plate fee as well as service and processing fees, you receive a voucher, tied to your driver’s license number, to be used when the plate is approved and becomes available.

Pre-order vouchers can also be purchased as gifts for anyone who has a Florida plate. Should the requirement of 3000 orders not be achieved the voucher can be applied to another specialty plate or the $25.00 fee will be refunded.

As an incentive those who order through the website also receive a one-year membership in the Association. With this membership comes a 15% discount on in-store & online purchases in all four South Florida National Parks.

Jim Sutton, FNPA Executive Director is happy with the initial sales. He said, “Now that we have the Florida Bay Forever website in place and the images of the plate available on State and Agency websites, we will increase our marketing efforts.”

He continued, “We are already discussing the use of the $25.00 per plate revenue, all of which will be earmarked to support Florida Bay, with Everglades National Park leadership.”

Sutton provided a list of some potential projects being discussed to include, marine debris and derelict vessel removal, additional seasonal staffing, water quality improvement, sea grass restoration, and boater education.

The Florida National Parks Association message to everyone is the Florida Bay Forever License Plate is a great way to upgrade the look of your car, truck, or trailer while supporting the future of Florida Bay.

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