Transportation Master PLan

Monroe County is in the process of preparing a Transportation Master Plan that will provide future direction for U.S. 1 within Monroe County.

Your feedback is vital in helping develop the Transportation Master Plan. Visit to find information on the plan, progress on each phase, a public survey, and an interactive map where you can pinpoint areas of concern.

We encourage you to provide as much feedback on your idea of traffic issues (congestion, safety, signals, pedestrian, bicycle, etc.), where these issues are, and possible solutions.

(If completing the survey by using a smartphone, use the dropdown arrows for questions 1 & 2 to move forward - it allows you to type in the box but doesn't recognize that to move on.)

The primary objective of this study is to identify transportation needs, develop goals/objectives, and develop an action plan to meet those goals. The action plan will identify potential short-term solutions (1-5 years), mid-term (6-10 years), and long-term solutions (10-20 years). These solutions may include roadway, signal, and signage and marking improvements to address traffic issues and/or multi-modal solutions addressing the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit.  The more feedback the better.

Direct link to the study:

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