Ultra Music Festival has been host to sold out crowds year to year.

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music event that takes place during March in Miami. The festival was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes and is named after the 1997 Depeche Mode album, Ultra.

It was first held on Miami Beach, but besides a tenure at Bicentennial Park, it had primarily been held at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. It was a one-day festival from 1999 to 2006. In 2019, the festival moved to the Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium.

Last year it sold out, 165,000 tickets in five minutes.

If you have been hearing a rumor of this giant festival possibly coming to Homestead, you have heard correctly. There is a good possibility it will.

Homestead Miami Speedway (HMS) is the chosen destination by Ultra organizers. That is, of course, if a few obstacles are cleared first.

The City of Homestead, owners of the HMS race track facility, have a lease with the parent company of HMS, International Speedway Corporation (ICS), that states they are obligated to end any/all events by 11:00 pm. The first obstacle to get the event here is to get Homestead City Council to change that restriction. There are many other smaller considerations but that is the first major one. If the council votes to allow the curfew change, there is a strong possibility that Homestead will become the home of what is an internationally known musical event.

Alongside the flagship event, Ultra has spawned a larger series of international franchises under the blanket branding Ultra Worldwide, which have included locations such as South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and others The festival has a proven history of sold-out attendance. Thousands of 'younger' folks come for the entire festival enjoying the music and the atmosphere. With that many young people together for three days in a festival atmosphere, history has shown it will also attract drugs/alcohol. That is nothing new. It is unfortunately something that ‘comes with the territory’.

But it will also bring upwards of $100 million into our local economy. Much like how the NASCAR races at HMS each year bring in visitors that need to eat, sleep and shop, these ticket holders will undoubtedly do the same. In fact, maybe more.

Homestead City Council is scheduled to hold a special call meeting Tuesday evening to decide on the curfew change. The News Leader will stay on top of this and give you the ongoing planning as it develops.

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never heard of it. but if it's good for the economy, great.

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