On Sunday morning Rodger Dearmas and two of his golfing buddies were masked and standing six feet apart as designated by the tape lines in the breezeway outside of the Pro Shop of the Redland Golf and Country Club. The 4th member of their group was inside the shop checking them in.

Rodger commented, “This is the first time any of us have played golf since the quarantine started. I’m so happy to be able to get out on the course and to be able to do it in a safe manner.”

The group from Homestead then moved outside to wait for their carts to be sanitized and moved to the first tee box.

John Stempien the Pro Shop Manger said “I tell our golfers that the only things they should touch on the course are their golf balls, their clubs, and their individual golf carts. I also remind them of our social distancing and mask rules.” 

Each cart is sanitized between users by the staff. In another move to enhance sanitation, inserts in each cup on the greens cause the golf ball to sit up high enough and centered so that it can be retrieved with out touching the cup. 

Stempien also remarked that “Since each golfer has his or her own cart the speed of play is much improved with most 18 hole rounds being completed in 3 ½ hours.”

Andy Dawn and Richard Ware were two other happy golfers. “We came down from South Miami to get in our first round of golf since this whole thing started. It’s so great to get back on the course and best of all I don’t have to ride with Richard” said Andy.

It was not only the golfers who were happy. With the Club’s reopening its over 40 employees were back at work.

Tim Tronzo is the General Manger of Redland Golf and Country Club. He talked about both the reopening of the facility and the way ahead. “We lost five

tournaments while we were shut down. That hurt us, but also the organizations that were planning for the funds they would raise. We want to continue to work with the community and to improve the experience of our golfers and members. We used the downtime to continue the effort to rebuild and repair the course and our other facilities. We have rebuilt our bar area and have reconfigured our restaurant inside and outside dining areas, so we are ready to open up when allowed. We are already doing takeout with the food brought out to your car.”

For more information on the Redland Golf and Country Club see their website at www.redlandgolf.com or call 305-247-8503.

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