Dennis Maytan has qualified to run for Seat #2 representing Keys Gate.

Dennis Maytan has qualified to run for Seat #2 representing Keys Gate.

After working over 30 years for the City of Homestead, Dennis Maytan is ready for his next challenge. Maytan has qualified as a candidate for City Council – Seat #2 representing Keys Gate.

“People who know me know that running for Council is something I always wanted to do. How many people have the opportunity to follow their dream?” said Maytan, “I worked 30+ years with the City of Homestead. I started as a laborer. I’ll miss it, but my priority now is to get out there, and let people know that I will bring my knowledge to Council. I ran the Parks department, Facility maintenance, Water department, Sewer department, Streets department, Stormwater department, Meter readers, and Solid waste.

Maytan retired on Aug. 26th, and qualified as a candidate on Aug. 28th.

His decision to run for council did not come easily.

In early June, Maytan was diagnosed with melanoma.

“Faith came in, God was there for me. I prayed.” said Maytan. After surgery and a good diagnosis, and discussing it with his wife, he decided that now was the time to follow his dream.

“I always take everything as a challenge. I like challenges. I want to fix it and make it work and say look what we’ve done. I was dedicated, and will continue to be dedicated, to the residents of Keys Gate and all the residents of the City of Homestead,” he said.

Maytan feels he is a candidate who knows city services and knows what is needed.

“I sit in council meetings every month. I see what people want,” he said.

When asked what his primary qualification for Council is, Maytan stated, “I would think you want a council member with a working knowledge of the city. I’ve been serving for 30+ years and it’s a natural next step.”

Maytan has lived in South Dade since he was four, when his family moved to the Redland from Long Island. After they lost their home following Hurricane Andrew he moved to Leisure City. In 2008 he moved to Keys Gate.

Maytan said, “I always told myself when I was doing utilities, I always told my coworkers, I want to live here in Keys Gate. Both my daughters went to Keys Gate.”

Maytan was asked what he’d hope to accomplish as a council person. He said, “To support our local police by making sure they have the tools and personnel to keep our area safe. We are growing, so the police should grow as we grow. They need to know that the council is behind them.”

Maytan continued, “I also think we should preserve and expand our parks, so kids always have a place for wholesome activities. I was Parks director and Facility director. We have good youth organizations, such as the Homestead Little League, the Youth League, and AYSO, the football leagues. They bring activities for these kids. But the parks need to be brought up to par. There is an opportunity to make the land where the stadium was knocked down into a tropical park with water features, baseball-softball-soccer facilities. When you look at the east side with the developments, they really don’t have any parks. We are almost at meeting our master plan and its time to look at doing another one. Also, I was part of working on the design for Losner Park, which should break ground later this year.”

Maytan is also proud of his work to bring the Biscayne Everglades Bike Trail to our area, helping to raise almost $2.1 million in grant funding for the project.

Maytan sees the need to, “encourage economic development and job growth. Development is going to happen. This city is one of the fastest growers. What we need to do is bring jobs here. When we did the study for Homestead Station we looked at credit card spending, and all of it is up north. Keep it here, bring businesses and keep spending and jobs here.”

Maytan also thinks council should be enhancing the educational opportunities for children.

“We can find grants to supply kids that need the help, even with just bookbags. If elected, I will help any way I can, making sure that we continue the current trend of high-quality schools in Homestead, including adding more STEM schools.”

Maytan stated he has committed his life to his wife Jackie and their five children, to his church, and to contributing to his community as a public servant for 30 years helping to improve their quality of life.

In conclusion Maytan stated, “I would be honored to represent Keys Gate, and all of Homestead on Council. And, I encourage people to get checked by their dermatologist.”

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to whoever wins, i hope they fix homestead's image. homestead needs a makeover. a more tropical identity. like that of the caribbean islands. we might should bring the storm victims of the bahamas to homestead, culture and all. this would not only help the storm victims but homestead's tourist appeal.

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