At their meeting on Tuesday, November 9, the Florida City Commission approved a zoning change that will allow for the construction of townhomes in a neighborhood. The 0.29-acre parcel located at Southwest 187th Avenue just north of Northwest Eighth Street had been zoned for single family homes. There are some duplexes in the surrounding area. This will enable the construction of townhomes.

Mayor Otis Wallace is pleased with this development because it will create more affordable housing opportunities for working families in Florida City. He believes this will enable families to buy a home, create stability and wealth and then buy a single-family home in the future.

“This is good for Florida City because it will mean that a family can go from renting an apartment to actually buying a home,” said Wallace. “Many families want to buy a home and start creating wealth, but they cannot afford a single-family home. They can afford a townhome. I know people who are renting an apartment and they would love to buy a home, but they can’t afford the price of a single-family home. If they can buy a townhome, they won’t have to rent for the rest of their lives.”

Wallace believes with more townhomes coming to the city more people will be able to get out of rental units.

“When families are renting apartments, the landlord is building equity but not the family,” said Wallace.

Another concern for Wallace is that homes are too expensive for prospective homeowners.

“We are seeing a lot of homes being built and sold for around $300,000. A lot of families in South Dade can’t afford that. We are seeing families coming from northern Dade County and other areas that are more expensive to buy homes. There are many homes being built in this area, but they are very expensive,” said Wallace.

The zoning of a portion of land on Third Avenue along the busway was changed from light industrial to transit oriented. This change means that housing units can be built in proximity to transit stops so people who live in the area will be able use public transportation rather than a car if they choose to.

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