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Artists’ rendering of new Caribbean Village on Krome Ave in Florida City.

On Tuesday August 11, Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace and the Florida City Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance to rezone the area, at the corner of Krome and Davis Parkway, as a planned unit development district for new residential properties.

The 14.7 acre space, currently occupied by the Florida City Camp Site and RV Park, will be updated to now contain a multi-residential apartment, 150-room hotel, and a clubhouse with pool; in addition to a transit park with transit station, and be renamed as Caribbean Village and Plaza I.

Additionally, an option to switch the hotel to a senior living facility was also added to the site plan if desired, and approved previously on July 23 by the zoning board.

Tuesday’s commission meeting was the second and final reading to approve the zoning change, and was met with no public opposition, as was the July zoning board meeting.

Mayor Wallace further explained that he has already spoken with existing occupants of the Florida City trailer park, and ensured them they will be given a 90-day notice upon the start of the project.

Looking forward, Mayor Wallace discussed the immediate benefit of the area renewal for the community.

“We’ll have some employment, at a time when employment is at a premium because of the COVID [19] virus," said Wallace. "Fortunately, construction is one of the areas -- outside -- where you can properly space and work; so that’s a boon to employment.”

While taking into account the current state of pandemic, Mayor Wallace also looked beyond it to an even brighter economic future once it has been resolved.

“We’re hoping that this virus works itself out so that once we get past the construction stage,” Wallace said, “that more jobs will be created by the people working in the facility. The hotel is going to take about 40-50 people to run, and if we go to an adult-congruent facility, that employs even more people.”

As for when the land developers can start construction, Mayor Wallace stated this too is dependent on how soon the Coronavirus is eradicated.

“It’s going to be with an eye to what’s happening with a vaccine...but they want to do it yesterday,” said Wallace.

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