Sean Fletcher in his office at the Homestead Police Station.

Sean Fletcher in his office at the Homestead Police Station.

Sean Fletcher recently announced his candidacy for Homestead City Council seat #2 representing the Keys Gate neighborhood.

Fletcher, the security manager for FPL’s Turkey Point power plant, was one of the City’s youngest Councilmembers when he served from 1999 to 2001.

“I was approached by several individuals in the community to get involved again,” said Fletcher in an interview on August 6. “I have a different perspective on Council, having served before.”

“I’m fed up with the same old stuff going on, and without a lot of dialogue,” he said. “I want to change that. With only a seven or eight percent voter turnout, we need more community outreach in the district. And in the five other districts, too.”

In addition to his job as security manager that he’s held for twenty-one years, Fletcher is also a reserve police sergeant since 2004. He’s served as a trustee on the Police Officers Pension Board since 2003. “I’ve been a board member of the chamber of commerce in the past too and was involved with youth sports programs,” he added.

Asked about his chief priority for Council, Fletcher was quick to respond. “We have to do infrastructure and that involves traffic congestion too,” he said. “We’re fixing the Lucy Street corridor and aligning lights but the goal has to be public safety too which is a different scenario; getting emergency responders through in a quick manner.”

Looking at specific traffic improvements, Fletcher said “There is higher congestion. Studies can be done at little cost to the city and we can work with the county to identify the correct timing for traffic lights. Funds are available from FDOT to assist in the process but we must go after them.”

“I think the City financials need to be looked at. City employees are feeling the hurt on the cost of benefits. I’m going to request an audit be performed,” he said. “The City leveraged properties and dug into reserves (for redevelopment) and it’s starting to look the same as our 2000 debt crisis.”

Fletcher supports promoting the Homestead Station, attracting new business to the downtown area. “Currently folks only meet downtown for special events,” he said. “We must market it correctly. Plus the Krome Avenue bypass will add tremendous value.”

“It bothers me that Homestead isn’t more open to business,” he added. “We can be more business friendly but City staff must listen.”

Fletcher’s position on city parks is that the town’s west side is doing fine. “We should maintain the ones we have but continue to develop new soccer fields on the east side,” he said. “The kids need a place to go, maybe bring soccer together in one location.”

“Police public safety has to be #1,” Fletcher said. “Our count is low for fulltime officers. The good news is reports show lower crime rates.”

“I’d like to do more with after school sports for youth,” Fletcher

continued. “I think we should spend more to offer kids things to do with the same footprint as Homestead Station by involving local businesses.

“Schools can have programs to involve the kids in city government issues,” he said. “The Mayor’s Youth Council is good but we need to do more. I look forward to working with fellow elected officials on this.”

Fletcher looks forward to an exciting primary election and to being on the ballot in November.

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