Jordan Capellan-Lopez, 26,  arrested for  reckless driving of a motorcycle. Motorcyles have recently been  involved with  multiple fatal  accidents along US1/Key Largo.

Jordan Capellan-Lopez, 26, arrested for reckless driving of a motorcycle.

Motorcyles have recently been involved with multiple fatal accidents along US1/Key Largo.

A 26-year-old North Bergen, New Jersey man was arrested Sunday afternoon for fleeing from Deputies and crashing on U.S. 1.

Jordan Capellan-Lopez was charged with fleeing and eluding and reckless driving. He was also cited for speeding and failure to keep front tire on the ground Deputy Victor Morales was on patrol at approximately 3:24 p.m. near Mile Marker 96 when he observed four motorcycles traveling northbound. Deputy Morales noted they were weaving around Islamorada traffic at high speeds. Two of the motorcycles broke away and speed up to 87 mph. Deputy Morales attempted a traffic stop. One motorcycle slowed, while the other — a BMW sport motorcycle — sped up, did a wheelie and accelerated, reaching speeds greater than 100 mph.

The motorcyclist, later identified as Capellan-Lopez, continued to weave in and around traffic illegally. Deputy Dyllon Hansen estimated the motorcycle reached speeds of 130 mph as it passed him. Deputies Tommy Durham and Jose Hernandez also observed or attempted to stop the motorcycle. The pursuit was cancelled for public safety reasons.

Shortly thereafter the motorcycle crashed at Mile Marker 99 where it left the roadway and crashed through landscaping at a bank. There were no vehicles involved in the crash.

Capellan-Lopez was taken to Mariners Hospital and then he was taken to jail.

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