Campbell Drive already looks distinctly different, as all  foliage has been removed from the median.

Campbell Drive already looks distinctly different, as all foliage has been removed from the median.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) announced the March 2 start of construction on the truck bypass route along Campbell Drive.

Motorists along Campbell Drive have been aware of recent preparations for the project. Looking west from US1, the skyline looks empty due to removal of trees in the median and plantings along the proposed right of way lines. The extent of the project is becoming apparent with the acquisition of properties from east of Krome Avenue and a swath of land along the south side of Campbell Drive.

The bypass route includes work to Davis Parkway and Palm Drive, from US1 to Krome Avenue. The objective is to reroute truck traffic safely from Krome Avenue out to US1 and remove it from Homestead’s Historic Downtown District.

The project is estimated to cost $16.3 million and should be complete in fourteen months.

The bypass plan is to widen the three roadways significantly, rebuild the road base, correct pavement markings, and add sidewalks and a bikeway. The job includes drainage work, upgraded lighting, new signals and signage, and a new sanitary sewer lift station for Homestead at US1 and Campbell Drive.

FDOT’s announcement reminds the public of lane closures necessary for the construction. The goal is to minimize the impact of the work during periods of heavy traffic. Extensive lane closure information is available on the FDOT website under the Krome Ave Truck Bypass page at

This bypass ties in to a larger FDOT plan for widening Krome Avenue and providing improvements from 232nd Street through to 312th/Campbell Drive. Large concrete culverts for draining and gravel fill for a new canal bridge at 280th Street already line Krome Avenue above Homestead.

That five mile construction project began in January this year. It is expected to be completed in one year at a cost of $31.7 million.

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