Dixie Highway at E. Mowry is scheduled for over a years renovation  beginning in February 2021.

Dixie Highway at E. Mowry is scheduled for over a years renovation

beginning in February 2021.

The Florida Department of Transportation held a public hearing Tuesday, June 18 in Homestead about its plans for repaving highway US1. The hearing explained the planned safety improvements set for South Dixie Highway from 336th Street (Davis Parkway) to SW 304th Street (Kings Highway).

A second public hearing on Wednesday, June 19 added the repaving project on US1 from Card Sound Road to Davis Parkway (336th Street).

Both first and second US1 projects are supposed to start in February 2021 and run concurrently for fourteen months.

Public comments on either proposed project are due to FDOT within ten days.

Safety improvements in the first section will have the largest community impact.

Left turns will no longer be allowed from the intersection of East Mowry Drive/SW 320th Street onto US1 in front of the Hyundai

dealership. A raised center median will prevent that. Dedicated turn lanes will allow left turns from north- and south-bound US1

however. FDOT project engineers said cars using Mowry could first turn right onto US1 and then make a U-turn at SE 4th Street to proceed north on the


The US1 intersection with NE 6th Avenue at J.D. Redd Park has been a dangerous spot for some time due to “the high frequency of angle crashes,” according to FDOT. Highway improvements will eliminate left turns from NE 6th Avenue onto US1, as well as through movement across 

the highway. Left turns from US1 onto NE 6th Avenue will be permitted in either direction with dedicated turning lanes.

Finally, this project plans to modify the left turn lanes from SW 328 Street/Lucy Street onto US1 – widening, repaving, and restriping.

Preliminary engineering costs for these improvements were $483,732. The 2021 construction is budgeted at $5,489,378. A final $170,000 is set aside to complete this project in 2022.

The US1 section from NE 6th Street to NE 11th Street is considered “an exception section” actually credited to the Campbell Drive widening. That project is due to break ground in September 2019. FDOT said property acquisition has been completed for this Truck Bypass Route. The $15 million project is to be completed by early summer of 2021.

The second US1 repaving project from Card Sound Road to Davis Parkway is also to start in February 2021. That $3,221.969 construction piece will be coordinated with the first project and done in

phases so traffic conflicts are kept to a minimum. Like the first project, the improvements include upgrading the pavement, new sidewalks and

pedestrian ramps, improving drainage, upgrading guardrails and reconfiguring crosswalks and signals.

An FDOT spokesman said US1 signal synchronization is a County feature that will be kept.

Elsewhere in Homestead, several road projects are tied to overall highway improvements. The Florida Turnpike plans to improve turning lanes onto Palm Drive from its Exit 1 ramp. The Truck Bypass Route includes $4.4 million to widen Davis Parkway off US1 and $750,253 to add extra turning lanes to Palm Drive’s intersection with Krome Avenue.

Davis Parkway would also be reconstructed to improve drainage, add sidewalks, install curb ramps and improve turning lanes. Those

estimated costs are $2.1 million. That work is set to begin September 2019 and last about 20 months.

Meanwhile, work continues on Krome Avenue to make it four lanes with improved access from SW 232 Street to the Homestead city limits. Construction along Krome Avenue from SW 296 Street/Avocado Drive down to Campbell Drive is supposed to begin October of 2019 and finish in November of 2021 at a cost of $21 million.

Florida City and Miami-Dade County just began their $6 million partnership project to reconfigure turning lanes from east Palm Drive onto US1. The existing old canal will be submerged in sections of a large pipe fabricated off-site and recently delivered to Palm Drive for installation. That additional roadway will allow two dedicated right turn lanes onto the turnpike. This project also allows improved roadbeds for through traffic lanes and left turn lanes onto US1.

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