The Florida Department of Transportation announced a public meeting Tuesday January 21, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Phichol Williams Community Center in Homestead.

The purpose of the informational forum is to explain the planning to further widen the Florida turnpike from two lanes to three.

The project area stretches from the Campbell Drive Turnpike exit to the intersection with U.S. 1 in Florida City, a distance of about three miles.

FDOT literature states expected traffic growth through 2045 requires additional traffic capacity to improve evacuation and emergency response times. 

The study proposal has two additional aspects.

A new turnpike interchange is proposed for Lucy Drive/328th Street. A northbound entrance ramp would be added on the east side at the

juncture with Tennessee Drive while a southbound exit lane would be built on the west side of the existing turnpike bridge at Lucy Street.

The project development study also includes modifications to the turnpike’s existing interchange with US1. FDOT Project Manager Jazlyn Heywood said to relieve backing on Turnpike Exit One’s ramp, project engineers’ proposed two alternatives. One alternative could require building a bridge over east Palm Drive to route traffic back to US1 further south.

Further details and maps are to be posted to FDOT’s website the day of the public announcement. See ttp://floridasturnpike.com/TurnpikeSouthMiamiDade.html

Budget costs for the entire plan stand at either $149 million or $155 million depending on the selected alternative at the US1/Palm Drive interchange. No start date has yet been proposed. Instead, the entire project is part of FDOT’s five year working strategy.

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