Protype racing at the Miami 500.

Protype racing at the Miami 500.

The weekend of Feb. 11tsh and 12th brought Formula and Automobile Racing Association (FARA) racing back to Homestead Miami Speedway for the first time after its transition to new ownership.

The weekend featured shorter sprint races for various categories of prototype and modified production sports cars as well as a series of races for Formula 4 and Formula Inter open wheeled cars.

The highlight of the weekend was the Miami 500, an enduro race lasting 2 hours for prototypes and modified production cars.

The number of cars participating across the weekend was noticeably larger than last year’s event. All told there were 80 cars entered.

The fan grid walk is a FARA tradition.

The fan grid walk is a FARA tradition.

The crowd of spectators was also larger than in recent years. One of the new owners of FARA, David Tuaty told the News Leader, “The number of spectators was the largest for a FARA event since 2015.” He continued, “We want our racing weekends to be fun events for families to come out and enjoy great racing.” He also told us that the organization is working to partner with new sponsors and other racing organizations.

The overall winners of the Miami 500 were Angel Benitez and Miguela Marcano in their Porsche. FARA and its new owners intend to keep the best traditions like the fan interaction with drivers during the grid walk before the major race of the weekend while making both the fan and racer experience even better.

The next race weekend at Homestead Miami is April 22nd and 23rd. For information -

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