Family Dogs and Cats Helped with Pet Food Giveaways

Family Dogs and Cats Helped with Pet Food Giveaways

Miami-Dade’s Animal Services Center has been busy during the COVID-19 crisis.

A pet food distribution event on April 17 at the Pet Adoption Center in Doral gave away more than 11,500 pounds of donated food, servicing 500 families with a total of 1,267 pets.

The distribution was co-sponsored by Friends of Miami Animals and the Pet Projects for Pets


Founded in 2016 and 2002 respectively, both

organizations advocate animal welfare issues, recruit volunteers, sponsor spay/neuter programs, and do fundraising and solicitation for pet food


The second of two pet food distribution events was held Thursday April 30 at the facility in Doral, 3599 NW 79 Avenue, from 8 am to 11 am.

The food giveaways are drive-through events only and exclusively for Miami-Dade County pet owners.

Animal Services Director Alex Munoz said, “During these difficult times, we want to assist our community pet owners by providing food for their furry family members.”

The April 30th event was sponsored by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA).

Gilda Nunez is the Chief of Outreach and Development for the county Animal Services office. “There are future events planned too depending on other donations of food,” she said. “We ran out of food at the first event.”

Animal Services also

announced that twenty-six County public libraries are accepting donations of pet food for distribution. The South Dade library is not

included because it is currently operating as a testing facility.

Nunez agreed with recent reports about the increase in pet adoptions. “We do have fewer animals at the shelter. But animals are still coming in including those harder to adopt. Many pets are out on foster care. We’re checking with those people if they’re ready for adoption for the pet’s forever home.”

There will be future pet food distributions. Animal Services has proposed a pet food distribution for Homestead based on sufficient donations and

community support.

To maintain social distancing guidelines in the age of the coronavirus, Animal Services recently sponsored virtual adoption events with weekly Facebook Live posts. About ten pets were adopted from these efforts in April.

Miami-Dade Animal Services annually cares for nearly 30,000 abandoned dogs and cats.

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