On Veterans Day Everglades National Park celebrated the vigilance and hard work of Veterans who were assigned to 2nd Missile Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment with a program focused on the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Park’s HM-69 Nike Missile Site.

When asked about the event, Ranger Daniel Agudelo said, “With the 75th Anniversary of the Park coming up next month we were looking back to the 50th Anniversary of the Missile Crises event and considering how far we’ve come in 10 years. It’s great for visitors to see the Nike Missile Site and learn about that time in our history and the efforts of the soldiers to protect the country. Since the site was opened to the public over 80 thousand people have visited.”

Deputy Superintendent Sabrina welcomed the group gathered in the Coe Visitors Center Theater.

After acknowledging and thanking the Veterans and families present for their service, she continued. “It’s important for us to look back over the 60 years and to see where we are now. With the current war in Ukraine there are certainly similarities and lessons to be learned.”

She also thanked Charles Carter who as a Staff Sergeant served at HM-69 for his efforts to get the Site opened to the public.

The program began with an overview of the Cuban Missile Crises by Dr. Anthony Atwood, Director of the Miami Dade Military Museum.

It continued with Charles Carter’s Keynote Address on the history of Battery A (HM-69) 2/52nd ADA Regiment, a Q and A with a panel of veterans who served in Nike missile units and concluded with a Ranger led tour of the Nike Missile Site.

For information on visiting the Nike Missile site and Ranger led tours go to https://www.nps.gov/ever/learn/historyculture/hm69.htm .

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