As Republicans throughout the nation continue to refuse to acknowledge former President Donald Trump’s re-election loss to Democrat Joe Biden nearly a year ago, Florida supervisors of elections are pleading with candidates and elected officials to tamp down the rhetoric.

“The Great American Experiment, our cherished democracy, is under threat. Our nation is only as strong as the faith our citizens have that their voice, their vote, has a say in our government. In this hour, public trust in our elections is being systematically undermined, to the detriment of all Americans,” the Florida Supervisors of Elections association said in a document distributed Wednesday.

The statement from supervisors in a state in which Trump handily defeated his Democratic challenger by more than three percentage points --- a landslide by Florida standards --- comes as elections officials in various parts of the country are receiving death threats, quitting their posts or facing calls for “audits” to revisit the outcome of the 2020 presidential race.

While county elections supervisors in Florida --- along with Gov. Ron DeSantis --- have repeatedly assured voters about the accuracy of the Sunshine State’s results, some Republicans county leaders continue to question the numbers. Wednesday’s statement was the first time the statewide supervisors association called for a truce.

The supervisors “continuously strive to debunk false claims, and ensure voters have access to accurate election information,” the statement said. “We are dedicated to the cause of election integrity, ensuring that every eligible voter’s ballot is counted accurately and that no fraud takes place. But false claims of fraud do not strengthen our elections. Instead, they degrade confidence in the institutions, and discourage citizen participation in our democracy,” the statement said.

The supervisors noted that in the run-up to and aftermath of the 2020 election, “the integrity of our democracy has been challenged.”

The supervisors’ statement was issued the same day that DeSantis’ political committee sent a fundraising email accusing Democrats of trying “every trick in the book” to sway the 2020 election.

The supervisors’ statement was issued the same day that DeSantis’ political committee sent a fundraising email.

“They used the pandemic as an excuse to change election laws in ways that are unconstitutional and ripe for fraud and abuse in our elections. This included the mass sending of unsolicited mail-in ballots, bans on voter ID, ballot harvesting, and unattended ballot drop boxes in states across the country,” the message stated.

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