(Left) Xavier Smith, 32, from Dallas, Texas and (right) Jayla Welch, 21, of Mesquite, Texas have been charged with multiple counts  related to human trafficking.

(Left) Xavier Smith, 32, from Dallas, Texas and (right) Jayla Welch, 21, of Mesquite, Texas have been charged with multiple counts related to human trafficking.

The Miami-Dade Police Department, Organized Crimes Bureau, Human Trafficking Squad has arrested a man and woman after they travelled to Miami-Dade County with a young female to solicit sex clients.

According to investigators, approximately two months ago a female subject was working and recruiting young girls for sex work in Dallas, Texas, when she met the 17-year-old victim.

The female subject's boyfriend facilitated and arranged meetings with potential customers for commercial sex.

Detectives received a tip from law enforcement partners at the Federal Bureau of Investigation that both subjects and the victim may be in Miami-Dade County engaged in sex trafficking. By investigative means, the trio were located in Northwest Miami-Dade County, in an area known for commercial sex trafficking.

After conducting surveillance in the area, the male subject was seen exiting a room at the Budget Inn Motel. Entering the driver side door of a car bearing a Texas temporary tag, police conducted a traffic stop at NW 79th Street and NW 22 Ave. Smith was identified by detectives and taken into custody.

The female subject and victim were also located at the same motel. They were detained and subsequently interviewed.

Investigation revealed commercial sex advertisements for the victim with photographs referring to the victim as a Cuban doll, with a phone number. The phone number in the ad was called at which time Smith’s cell phone began to ring.

The victim disclosed that she met Welch a month ago working ‘the Blade’ (a common street term for a place where prostitutes solicit clients) in Dallas. She further disclosed that Smith was her pimp. The victim also clarified to police details on rates charged.

Throughout the investigation, it was revealed by the trio that during their road trip to Miami, they stopped in several cities to meet with clients who paid for dates and sex with the victim.

During their one week stay in Miami, the victim claimed to have made upward of $10,000 on sexual dates, which she shared with the subjects.

The victim said that Smith managed her dates and negotiates on her behalf. Welch disclosed that she makes money from conducting commercial sex acts and shares her money with Smith. She posts ads for both herself and the victim. She felt Smith provided security for her and the victim.

Both subjects were charged accordingly, transported, and booked into Turner Guilford KnightCorrectional Center.

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