Councilwoman Patricia Fairclough  recognized Lt. Bryce Barker and Detective Raul Cabrera, pictured with  Fire Lieutenant Rene Noa.

Councilwoman Patricia Fairclough took a few minutes at the Special Presentations on February 20 to recognize Lt. Bryce Barker and Detective Raul Cabrera.

Their excellent police work resulted in a “happy ending” for a Homestead family impacted by a theft during the Christmas season.

Inviting the two officers to the front of the chamber, Fairclough said, “They leave their homes every day to protect and serve and they’re doing a fine job in the City of Homestead. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large scale or small scale [crime], these officers are committed to protecting and serving this community.”

Councilwoman Fairclough explained that a crime had been committed in her district right before Christmas, impacting the family of Fire Lieutenant Rene Noa, a Miami-Dade Firefighter and one of her constituents.

She said “They could have dismissed it as something small, but they didn’t do that. They made his children and his family whole.”

She invited Lt. Noah forward, who had reached out to her earlier to let her know about how the officers had come to his family’s assistance.

Sharing that he and his family had just moved to Homestead last December, “When the two bikes were stolen, it was a heartbreaker for our family. We have five children. Those bikes were a pretty big gift for us this Christmas.”

He continued, “These two officers really provided an incredible sting operation to bring those two bikes back [to us]. Thank God for these two guys.”

Fairclough presented Barker and Cabrera with certificates of appreciation, acknowledging their diligence.

The certificates stated, “Public Service must be more than doing the job efficiently and honestly, it must be a complete dedication to the people.”

Thanking Noah for bringing the officers’ service to her attention, Fairclough concluded, “Thank you for the work that you do for the residents of the city of Homestead. Oftentimes, we don’t thank our officers enough for putting their lives on the line.

If there are opportunities for us to do so, I think it’s very important that we do that.”

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