Larry Roth has served as the Homestead Council- person for District 3 - Villages, since 2015.

Larry Roth has served as the Homestead Councilperson for District 3 - Villages, since 2015. 

Larry Roth, elected to Homestead City Council, Seat 3, October 2015, is seeking re-election for 2019. As a longtime resident of Homestead,

a business owner, and in real estate, he has seen many changes.

In response to the question as to why he hopes to remain on the Council, “There are still some projects to finish,” as his primary goals focus on Quality of Life issues. In a recent press release, some of his comments were, “We live in one of the most desirable areas in the country; a city that has gone from about 20,000 to a city that has about 75,000 living here today. I wasn’t happy with the development back then; some of the developments could have been designed differently. It’s important to look at the past and learn how to improve what we do today.”

His intent to is improve existing parks and add others. Traffic flow is a concern to continue to be addressed.

Safety through law enforcement is an important measure with the intent to enhance resourcing of officers and equipment for Homestead Police. From a resource perspective though is to simultaneously keep utility rates and property tax rates in check.

His priority for actions he can initiate is to promote practical ways to address these actions. Another point is the aesthetics of the City with regard to trash and other impacts on appearances. He actively participates in a monthly neighborhood cleanup in his own neighborhood and is seeing that idea spread. He wants to work to add similar efforts in other parts of the City.

Roth established the non-profit, This Is For the Kids, in 2012 with five friends. The organization has since contributed more than $120,000 to various local child-related non-profits. He also volunteers with numerous other non-profit projects/events. A former board member of the Chamber of Commerce, he is currently on the board of the YMCA and is the first male member of the Homestead Woman’s Club. He was First Vice President last year and will serve as Director this year.

Roth will formally announcement his re-election bid Friday, July 12, 2019. He encourages individuals to contact him at (305) 979-8424.

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