Councilman Larry Roth with the essay contest winners and their parents

Councilman Larry Roth with the essay contest winners and their parents

Councilman Larry Roth announced the winners of the Community Relation Board’s (CRB) Spring Essay Contes. Essays submitted by students were judged by the Community Relations Board, which includes residents of Homestead and Florida City. Councilman Roth said, “Since we had such a successful contest last time, we decided to make this a seasonal contest.” He added, “This spring, we asked our students what changes they would like to see in their community.”

Third place winner was Aajayla Springle. Councilman Roth explained that in her essay, Springle said that she wants to see more youth and student engagement in Homestead, including more hands-on learning opportunities

like internships.

Second place winner Malaav Patel, noted in his essay, “... he wants us to care more about wildlife in the city, including the manatees at Biscayne National Park and stray pets that are abandoned in the Redlands.” Congratulating him for paying attention to the welfare of local animals, Councilman Roth said, “Malaav also wants us to take care of the environment by walking and carpooling to help save energy.” Councilman Roth presented both with a Galaxy tablet.

First-place winner Ajay Evans wrote that he would like to see our cities help the less fortunate with more food drives and assistance. Councilman Roth presented Ajay with a laptop computer.

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