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With the wild weather over the last few weeks, more eyes and attention have been tuned to our local beaches, but on November 12, the spotlight will be specifically on Virginia Key Beach.

The Florida chapter of the Sierra Club will be hosting an 11am-5pm event to bring attention to the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, along with the Mami-Dade and South Dade NAACP Branches.

Complete with a lunch, a guided eco-tour, and carousel rides, the Saturday outing seeks to celebrate the historic beach.

Founded in 1945, it was known then as the only beach Caribbean, South American, and Cuban immigrants could visit.

For the Sierra Club’s Diana Umpierre, this legacy matters on multiple fronts.

“The story of Virginia Key Beach must be told many times and never forgotten,” said Umpierre.

“We are immensely grateful to local NAACP leaders helping us shape an event that celebrates this story and the Black Miami trailblazers that fought and continue to fight for this special gem that intersects our fights for justice and for nature."

While also applauding the shared teamwork of both organizations, Elisha Moultrie, Environmental and Climate Justice Chair of the Miami-Dade Branch NAACP, echoed how this is an ideal chance to discuss other concerns.

“Working together to put on this event at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Environmental and Climate Justice issues,” Moultrie said.

Additionally, Moultrie noted the inherent and visual significance of doing so.

“This event celebrates the history of the park and recognizes the importance of the African American community in keeping it,” said Moultrie. “People should come out and rediscover the Park's beauty."

Pam Brown-Eyo, Environmental and Climate Justice Chair of the South Dade Branch NAACP, agreed as well.

“We hope that our African American families rediscover the nature and history of Historic Virginia Key Beach Park,” Brown-Eyo said. “As we wade in the water, we want to remember the struggle to have our own beach and our right to enjoy all beaches, today.”

Brown-Eyo also noted how this can also commemorate combined community experiences.

“At this event, people can stand up for justice, honor our veterans, and share 75 years of history," said Brown-Eyo.

To RSVP, go to VK, for more info, or call 954-829-7632.

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