Catholic Legal Services will offer a “Summer of Citizenship”

Catholic Legal Services will offer a “Summer of Citizenship”

Catholic Legal Services, Inc. and The Office of New Americans of Miami-Dade are joining forces in their latest campaign, “Summer of Citizenship,” to engage, educate, and empower lawful permanent residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship. With approximately 8.9 million eligible lawful permanent residents in the United States, and almost 500,000 in Miami-Dade, this is an important effort to ensure that the goal of naturalization is more easily accessible to all potential new Americans.

The Summer of Citizenship is a 13-week campaign that kicks off on June 19, 2019, which is World Refugee Day. For 13-weeks, Catholic Legal Services, Inc. and The Office of New Americans will host know your rights and naturalization information sessions throughout Miami-Dade County. In addition to in-person events, the campaign will leverage social media to provide critical information through Facebook Live. Participants will be encouraged to begin completing their citizenship applications through Citizenshipworks, an online service that guides users safely through every step of the citizenship application. These efforts will lead up to a mega-event the week of September 17 in celebration of Citizenship Day.

“The Summer of Citizenship of campaign is intended to assist those individuals who, otherwise, would not have access to the information, technical assistance, and legal assistance that The New Americans Campaign and its partners are providing residents across Miami-Dade County,” said Vanessa Joseph, Senior Staff Attorney and Outreach Coordinator at Catholic Legal Services, Inc.

The Summer of Citizenship will work closely with public libraries, community-based organizations, local leadership, and the community at-large to ensure the campaign’s success.

“We cannot fulfill our mission without the broad and welcoming support of our local elected officials, business leaders, educational institutions, and faith leaders. Making naturalization a reality for hundreds of individuals across Miami-Dade County benefits not only the individual, but also their entire family and the larger communities in which they live,” stated Krystina Francois, Executive Director of The Office of New Americans of Miami-Dade County.

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