Miami Dade College, Homestead Campus was a busy place Saturday, October 15, 2022, where the South Dade Chamber of Commerce (SDCC) and multiple departments of the campus held their second annual Health and Wellness Fair.

MDC said “The event features services and products from community partners and local organizations focusing on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, career (including occupational and financial), intellectual, social and environmental.

In addition, students and faculty from MDC’s Physician Assistant, EMT, Medical Assisting, Nursing and Respiratory programs offered BMI, glucose screenings, smoking cessation as well as lung, diabetes and hypertension education.

The benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle were on full display. Lisa Greer, Chair 2022-2023, South Dade Chamber of Commerce noted the steady flow of attendees of all ages.

“The South Dade Chamber is honored to have Miami Dade College Homestead Campus as a Trustee and strong supporter of the chamber and our communities. The campus is beautiful and the college administration and staff are wonderful hosts. This second annual Health & Wellness Fair proved again to be well received by the community as attendance nearly doubled that of last year and fun was had by all. We sincerely thank all of our vendors, talented entertainers and guests for helping to make this Health & Wellness Fair a great success.”

Oscar Loynaz, MD, President, Homestead Campus Miami Dade College, is in his second year of guiding the campus through growth and major enhancements such as the Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, Simulation and Skills Center opened several months ago.

“Miami Dade College is proud to collaborate with the South Dade Chamber of Commerce to offer our community an event to increase awareness about their health and well-being, as well as provide information on a number of resources that are available and often overlooked. This was our second annual event, and we are already looking forward to next year."

Almost three dozen academic, business, civic, health-related, and non-profit organizations sponsored the event with activities or information. Major sponsors were Homestead Hospital, The Children’s Trust, PATCHES, Mani Medical Center and Community Health of South Florida. Others were like the Ausome Foundation that discussed resources dedicated to Autism.

SDCC volunteers Karina Soria and Yamaris Molina set up a fun activity that has become popular in elementary schools. They had balls of twine, small plastic bags, cotton balls, and lima beans. Children made “necklaces” using the twine and plastic bag and placed a cotton ball and lima bean into the bag. The bean would begin to germinate within two hours or so. There was also a drawing provided to show the stages of germination. It was an entertaining way to teach about agriculture and botany as well as talk about beans as part of a healthy diet.

Carlos Gimenez, U.S. Representative and former mayor of Miami-Dade County, stopped in for a tour. “This is a great cooperative effort between Miami-Dade College and the Chamber,” he said. “This lets the people in the community know what kind of services are available.”

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