Bradley Compton, hopes to continue the “good things that have been happening in Homestead” by serving as mayor.

Bradley Compton, hopes to continue the “good things that have been happening in Homestead” by serving as mayor.   

Among the familiar names of candidates for Homestead Mayor, that of Bradley Compton is in fact, new. His sense of community is not, however. In coming to South Florida in 2000 to University of Miami to study maritime law, his strong connection to enjoying and preserving the marine environment took hold. His move to Homestead fifteen years ago and his work as an environmental consultant came with a commitment for community involvement.

His response as to why he’s decided to run at this time stemmed from a longtime interest in politics. “I held back though,” he said. “I became involved with our Homeowner’s Association, then was elected as the Assistant Secretary and Director of the South Dade Venture Community Development District within Waterstone before becoming Vice-Chair. I talked with a lot of residents and in seeing things going on in Homestead, I felt it was time for me to step forward for public office.”

His goals for the City are based on observations of the impact of population growth. “Good things have been happening in Homestead and we need to keep those going.

I don’t think the police force has been added to in proportion to growth and we should look at our parks from a location point of view compared to how they serve all of Homestead. I would also like to see new partnerships to increase after-school opportunities for efforts in STEM [Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math], scouting, or other areas to expand activities for students.” Compton realizes these goals require funding which ties to his economic vision. “We’re doing well with residential and retail growth. We need to be more active in pursuing industrial expansion. Those are good-paying, sustainable jobs. Increasing that presence will not only provide revenue; it will provide residents the kind of employment they commute for now.”

This is in sync with his priority if elected. “I want to work with the Economic Development Office to focus on promotion of Homestead or the industrial expansion and seek out or strengthen partnerships with organizations that can help us achieve the goal. That would be organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce.”

Compton realizes his lack of experience in political office is a major challenge. He has been attending all City Council meetings and watching the video of those he cannot attend. “I’ve been able to work with numerous groups who have diverse views on matters. I have developed the skill to successfully bring opposing views together to gain consensus in finding solutions to issues.”

Compton’s wife is a high school science teacher and he has always been a supporter of Boy Scouts. He is a founder of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 418, charted by the American Legion, the only BSA troop in Homestead. Compton urges residents to contact him directly. He can be reached at or by calling (305) 219-6594. Comments can also be sent through his website,

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