Miami Dade College began its Fall Semester on September 1st with all students using remote learning for their classes. Based upon the improving COVID conditions in the County and guidance from local and state officials, students who were registered for Blended class were welcomed back to campus on September 28th. These Blended classes combine flexible online content with scheduled sessions that can be attended in-person in the classroom or remotely at the student’s option.

At Miami Dade College’s Homestead Campus, President Dr. Jeanne Jacobs provided the following, “We are very pleased to welcome students back on campus in a limited capacity. We have put in place all CDC-recommended safety protocols, as well as taken some additional measures to ensure the safety of all students, facility, administrators, and staff.”

One of the most visible of these safety measures are the four checkpoints at the Campus entrances. At these checkpoints, manned by Campus Security personnel, everyone entering undergoes a temperature check and a health screening checklist. Those who pass these checks are issued a color coded wristband good for the current day only.

Other safety measures include the clear marking of all indoor spaces spaces indicating the maximum number of individuals allowed in the space. In hallways and outdoor areas clear markings of appropriate social distancing are highly visible as well as masking requirement  reminders. 

On Tuesday, D’ondra Haciclyz , a nursing major, was on campus for a classroom session in her Human Physiology and Anatomy class. She said, “I feel safe attending class in person because of the safety practices and restrictions that are in place on our campus.”

Alex Tifol who is  majoring in Mechanical Engineering was also in the library waiting for his class to start. He stated, “I’m not as worried as some people. I do the smart thing with social distancing and masks. I’m proud that we’re

taking extreme measures to reassure people that are afraid.”

As to the near future, Dr. Jacobs said in her statement, “There is still time to register for the nest mini-term, which  begins October 26th, and offers three attendance options (in-person, online, and blended) and financial assistance with tuition and fees.”

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