The goal to create affordable multifamily units in the area formerly known as the Snakepit is slowly moving forward.

The Florida City CRA has agreed to work with Alphaville Developments LLC. The CRA has given the company until June 30 to close on the land purchase. Once this is done, work can begin on the project.

Alphaville will pay $2.5 million to the Florida City CRA for the property. Demolition work has been completed but Alphaville must build the apartment buildings.

The new development will be considered affordable housing rather than market rate housing, according to Jon Ward, executive director of the CRA.

“They will be building apartment buildings. We like the style of the buildings they are proposing. They are using their creativity a little more than typical developers,” said Ward. “The proposal they have shown me is of garden apartments with a large central green atrium.”

The Alphaville website states the company has many years of experience in the high-end construction market. It says, “Our team is now involved in government programs and the development of townhouses of excellent quality and competitive prices. We are fully dedicated to our customer base by offering professional and affordable construction services in Miami, Florida.”

Florida City is also closer to beginning work on the resurfacing and rebuilding of the roads between Lucy Street on the north, Davis Parkway on the south, Fifth Avenue on the east and Sixth Avenue on the west and all the cross streets in between.

Acosta Tractor received the $8.5 million contract to complete the road construction project. Work is expected to begin within 60 days. Ward is working with Acosta to begin the work and a final pre-construction meeting is scheduled for June 30. Construction will begin soon after this meeting.

“We will be rebuilding all the streets. Sixth Avenue needs a lot of work, and it has many potholes. These are older streets that have never been improved. We will be adding lanes and streetlights and making other improvements,” said Ward.

Another upcoming project is Washington Park on Fifth Avenue and 12th Street. This park will be rebuilt, and new sidewalks and new playground equipment will be installed. The project will cost $950,000.

“The park will have a whole new look,” said Ward. This will be a fabulous improvement to the community and the park is designed as a children’s park. It is specifically for younger kids to have a safe place to go. I am excited about this park. When it is complete, it will be the best small park in the area,” said Ward.

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