Illegal dumping in Miami-Dade County may seem “harmless,” but it is a crime. Anyone caught dumping illegally in the county could be subject to a fine, vehicle seizure and even possible arrest and incarceration.

Recently, an alleged illegal dumper was caught on camera and, after investigation by Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) Waste Enforcement Officers (WEO) Levar Baker and Raymond Rodriguez, was cited for the alleged incident. Video and still photos of the alleged incident are available online.

The camera, which was placed at a remote illegal dumping “hotspot” in west Miami-Dade, captured images of a man stepping out of a black Dodge pickup truck allegedly dumping a box filled with debris.

WEO Rodriguez was able to find a document with a name and address in the illegally dumped debris. After conducting some research based on Officer Rodriguez’s find, Officer Baker was able to determine who the alleged violator was and a citation was issued and posted at the man’s home.

Later the same day, another vehicle (which had been spotted by Officer Baker at the home of the man who was cited for the alleged illegal dumping incident) was seen on camera at the alleged illegal dumping location. A woman was seen on camera removing the dumped debris.

Miami-Dade residents who witness an illegal dumping incident in progress should call 911. Never confront someone who is dumping. Instead, try to get the vehicle license plate number or at least a description of the vehicle used to commit the crime.

If an instance of illegal dumping has already happened, call 311.

Illegal dumping can also be reported using the MDC Solid Waste mobile application.

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