Police advisory

Police Advisory

The Sheriff’s Office community partners at the Ocean Reef Club in north Key Largo have alerted the Sheriff’s Office of an odd incident involving a man waving a cell phone in the middle of the road.

Several Ocean Reef Club employees were in a van en route to the Club for work at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday. They were southbound on Card Sound Road on the Miami-Dade County side of the road south of the CEMEX USA plant and north of Alabama Jack’s.  They happened upon a man in the road with what appeared to be a flashlight yelling for help. The driver of the van stopped, rolled down his window and noticed the man wasn’t waving a flashlight, but a cell phone. The men in the van doubted the man’s need for assistance and rolled up the window. Before they could lock the van door’s, the man opened a van door and jumped in the van. Shortly after entering the van, the man exited and fled on foot, perhaps not realizing there was more than one person in the van.

The men in the van were not injured and drove on to work where they reported the odd incident. Subsequently, two other Ocean Reef Club employees also reported seeing a man in the street with a flashlight of some kind that morning yelling for help and attempting to flag down passersby. Those two employees reportedly did not stop.

Though the incident occurred on the Miami-Dade County side, the Sheriff’s Office is stepping up patrols and working with our Miami-Dade County law enforcement partners in investigating this incident.

All members of the public are asked to stay aware of their surroundings on Card Sound Road.

Keep your vehicle doors locked.


Don’t stop to investigate on your own. Call 911.

Again, the Sheriff’s Office and our law enforcement partners in Miami-Dade County are investigating what, exactly, transpired. There were no injuries.

Be that as it may: If you see a similarly suspicious man or person, don’t stop. Call 911.

The Sheriff’s Office will update this incident report if/when more information becomes available.

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