In view of individuals earning money using their own vehicles for ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lfyt and the popularity of Airbnb rentals, perhaps it was only a matter of time until entrepreneurship turned to swimming pools. In actuality, this relatively new trend came about unexpectedly as two young men exchanged personal experiences.

Asher Weinberger bought a home with a pool and was being generous in sharing with family and friends who wanted to come over. Bunim Laskin was on the opposite side of the coin as he had noticed his neighbor’s pool was usually empty. When he offered to pay for a couple of hours times to allow his siblings to have access, the neighbor agreed, and word spread about the arrangement. As Weinberger and Laskin related their stories, there was the moment of wondering if others would be interested. They co-founded Swimply, built a website for $500, and began recruiting pool owners. They were stunned at the success and currently have more than 17,000 pools listed across all 50 states in the US, and have some international listings in Canada and Australia.

Miami area listings have increased by more than 100% in the past month and as of this date, there are fourteen pools available between Homestead and Palmetto Bay. How does this all work?

Everything is initially managed on-line through the website of https://swimply.com where pool owners fill out a form to enter information about the pool. There will be an exchange of more information and photographs and perhaps a physical inspection scheduled under certain circumstances. In most cases, the pool can be added to the list quickly and bookings may begin in as little as a day. There is also an option to call. “Schedule a dedicated one-on-one with one of our wonderful Host care representatives and we will walk and coach you throughout the entire process. (844) 970-4050.”

In essence, each pool owner sets a basic hourly rate, rules such as limiting the number of guests at a time, whether pets are allowed, ages of children, etc., The pool owner is not required to be present and the fee the owner pays to Swimply does include one million dollars in liability insurance and a level of coverage for potential property damage. All reservations are made through Swimply who handles payments to the owners less applicable fees. Owners may already have or can add extra amenities such as pool toys, an outdoor shower or access to a restroom. Higher fees are normally charged for extra amenities, although it is up to the owner. There is a “Frequently Asked Questions” section at https://swimply.com

Owners are responsible for complying with municipal ordinances about rentals and if applicable, rules for Homeowners Associations (HOA).

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