Some of the cast

The cast of the Seminole Theatre's "Little Mermaid"

For several weeks the "Little Mermaid" has been swimming across the stage at the Seminole Theatre to sell-out crowds.

After attending the show Friday, August 9th, I am sure no one was disappointed except for the villain who loses in the end. As if Mickey McGuire doesn’t do enough as Executive Director, bringing top notch entertainment at affordable prices, he graced the stage in the comical role of Chef Louis, trying to turn Sabastian the Crab, into a main course. He was hilarious, as was the crab!

Frankie Navarro returned in the role of Production Manager and Designer. Under his tutelage, he and his crew have assembled the sets for the last six Seminole Theatre Productions.

This time he stepped up as Director, for an ensemble of wonderful talent including his daughter Emily playing Flounder. Besides the 28 Seminole Theatre Players (actors), there are dozens of volunteers, ranging from production hands, to the talented orchestra, crew, theatre staff and donors who make the action on stage possible.

And it's important to mention the patronage of Lorenzo Ford for their continued support not only for the arts, but also their sponsorship is key to promoting a successful theatre thriving in the Homestead business district on Krome Ave.

In all, the production and quality of talent was amazing. Every detail was covered, even the splashing of water on the audience coupled with bubbles during many of the water scenes.

As for the Seminole Theatre, all I can say is “I’ll Be Back!” Will you?

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