Phil finally has his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, sort of.

Phil finally has his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, sort of.

No matter what your age, everyone is capable of setting goals within their physical and mental capabilities. To live without a dream is the first step in giving up on life. It is with that in mind that I decided to gather several of my stories and head west to the Hollywood Pitchfest 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Of course, my wife Patty, my greatest supporter and organizer, was my escort as we flew out of Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Burbank, armed with three comedies and a true espionage thriller.

Arriving a day before the pitch, we walked the strip reading the names of each celebrity on every star having to explain many of the oldies to my younger spouse. Suddenly, we came across a blank star with an enterprising young man holding a box of golden letters plus several symbols that connotate a portion of the entertainment industry such as film, music or T.V. Choosing film, I purchased my temporary star for a mere 10 bucks proudly posing for pictures.

Saw the original cement imprints of stars in front of the famous TCL Chinese Theatre. We found the oldest, Jackie Coogan, from 1931.

He acted and was a star both as a child and an adult.

The following two days were filled with the business of making your chosen fourteen appointments, each lasting five minutes (kind of like speed dating). Additional pitches could happen with patience in the stand-by line. I was able to make 22 pitches of “Poor Lenny,” “Feeding Frenzy,” “Plastic Is What Plastic Is What Plastic Does,” and “Beyond Paperclip,” all with hopes of getting contact information with a request of written material or perhaps leaving information on the story.

Thankfully, I have lots of follow-up work when I return home but that could be a future story. As for my friends in the Lamplighter Writing Club, I encourage each of you to start stuffing your piggy banks with your plan for an adventure at a future Pitchfest.

In any endeavor, even if not successful, you will never regret trying… for to do nothing and later question “what If” is one of the greatest regrets in life.

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