Norman and Maggie love to paddleboard in Key Largo.

Norman and Maggie love to paddleboard in Key Largo.

Love taking epic adventures with your pet?

Have you been searching for ideas, tips, and like-minded adventurers on your favorite social media platforms? You’ve probably come across a few by now; however, not all social media groups are created equal. We went searching for the most helpful, popular, and fun online pet adventure groups, and we’ve dug up some real gems!

Hiking With Dogs 

Want to start hiking with your dog? You’re probably wondering: Where are the best trails for novice pups? Which trails allow off-leash hiking? What are the most important things to know about hiking with your dog? The helpful peeps at Hiking With Dogs can answer these questions, and start you and your pooch out on the path to pet-friendly hiking adventures. Group members come together to share stories, best practices, favorite dog-friendly hiking destinations, encouragement, recommended pet hiking gear, and lots of cute doggie adventure pics!

Dog Gone RVing

What’s more fun than a road trip? A road trip with your four-legged sidekick, and in an RV of course! Dog Gone RVing is a group created for RVers who love hitting the road with their dogs. Whether you’re planning your first RV adventure with your pup, or you’ve already traveled thousands of miles together, this group is the perfect place for helpful advice and support. Members offer tips on traveling with your pet in your RV, finding the best dog-friendly RV parks, and posts of dogs living it up on RV road trips.

TripsWithPets USA

If you like adventurous trips with your pet, then join TripsWithPets USA. This popular group invites members to share insights on pet-friendly excursions, and to dish about their favorite pet-friendly destinations, places to stay, and things to do. As a member, you’ll have access to pet travel tips that will help keep your pet happy and safe on your next trip.

As an added bonus, TripsWithPets USA frequently offers contests for chances to win pet travel-related prizes!

Kayaking With Dogs

Most dogs love a good boat ride, and nothing compares to a day out on the water with your four-legged sidekick.  Kayaking with Dogs has something for all kayakers, from beginners to those who are highly skilled. If you’re new to the idea of kayaking with your dog, this friendly group is happy to share tips on how to get started, how to pick the perfect dog-friendly kayak, and recommendations for the best places to kayak with your pooch.

Paddleboarding With Dogs 

Paddleboarding is a fun sport that people and their pooches absolutely love. Whether you’re a novice or a paddling pro, Paddleboarding With Dogs provides tips to help you have a great paddleboarding experience with your furry family member. You’ll get your questions answered, make new friends, learn about favorite destinations, and be able to share tips on best practices, safety, and equipment. This group offers a great outlet for sharing your paddleboarding adventures, all while getting inspired by other members’ experiences!

Just remember - whatever adventures you and your pooch are into, there’s a social media group for that!

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